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Dr Michael Rykse

Dr. Michael Rykse

Hello, my name is Dr. Michael Rykse with AlignLife of Norton Shores and I’d like to welcome you to our office. If a friend referred you then you may have heard that I am passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and wellness. One of the first things you may notice about our office is that we are different. I’d like to take a few moments to explain where I came from, why I’m different, and how I got to be the practitioner that I am today.


My story and chiropractic journey start with my father, he was a WWII veteran, and he came from what some would call an “older mind set”. Growing up we did things that my other friends did not. He always insisted we took a lunch to school even when it was pizza or chicken nugget day. We always had our meals at home and certainly would not be allowed to get fast food because he didn’t want to. Although as time went on we were able to convince him that Wendy’s was ok for us! Dad didn’t take us to the doctor unless he absolutely had to or mom made him! He had other ways of making sure we were healthy and of course some old fashion remedies. Who my dad was and the things he taught us set the foundation for being different. You see, I don’t have a “miracle” story with chiropractic that got me out of pain or helped with an illness. The chiropractic message was first shared with me while interviewing chiropractors in undergrad when I was deciding what to do next. There was a chiropractor that I connected with and he shared the chiropractic philosophy with me, I fell in love with the message and knew I needed to share this new health paradigm with others. As a Norton Shores chiropractor, I extend an invitation for you to visit my AlignLife clinic today for a consultation.

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